We are AShoutout. We are the Philippines' premiere celebrity greeting platform that focuses on highly special video shoutouts from A-lists celebrities, artists and influencers. Our platform provides an easy-to-navigate, mobile-first experience for our community members as well as providing exciting bits of information about our stars and influencers.

Our videos are always custom-recorded by our stars and influencers to connect with the fans on an emotional level. No two celebrity greetings will ever be the same! The video may include bits of advice, greetings, congratulatory messages, proposals, and even a joke to make that special someone's day brighter. Most notably, Filipinos abroad can reduce their longing for the Philippines by connecting with the artists on AShoutout.

The team behind AShoutout comprises top-caliber personalities in the media industry with an experienced team who deals with our A-list of famous stars and influencers to ensure fast and high-quality video to be delivered to you and your loved ones!

Why AShoutout? We Say Why Not?

AShoutout is the platform with the best and most popular A-list celebrities and influencers in the country.

AShoutout works with charitable non-profit organizations supported by our stars to make a positive impact in the community. In addition to making your special someone smile, laugh or giggle with your personalized video, you are also making a big difference!

Most importantly, the platform is led by the highly acclaimed actress Meg Imperial. She starred in numerous movies and TV programs and received multiple special recognitions and awards. The platform itself is not only star-studded but also co-founded by one.

Our Mission

We would like to make someone's day! Our goal is to have the world's most customized and authentic fan experiences. We believe that unique and memorable celebrity greetings are now the new versions of fan autographs, there's no better way of making people feel happy, loved, and appreciated than a greeting from someone they look up to and idolize. So in this light, it is our mission to connect the stars with their fans and facilitate personalized videos that motivate, inspire, and evoke true happiness.